Chiropractic adjustments

Dr. Peterson is well versed in many adjusting techniques including both traditional diversified adjusting and gentle low force adjusting techniques. No matter your age, size, condition, or personal preference Dr.Peterson can use the technique best for your body and condition.

Therapeutic exercises and stretches

Dr. Peterson will develop a plan with targeted exercises and or stretches to help strengthen musculature, improve range of motion, increase flexibility, and restore proper motion.

Kinesio tape

Kinesio tape is used for neuro-muscular  re-education of movement, balance, coordination, kinesthetic sense, and proprioception. Education and instruction is given to facilitate movement by providing support to enable less painful use and greater function.

Nutritional and supplement advice

Most of us know that good diet and nutrition are important for overall health. When nutritional needs are not met through whole foods, supplements provide a great way of treating nutritional deficiencies.

Life style recommendations

Dr. Peterson may recommended changes in diet and exercise or activities to avoid.

Soft tissue therapy

Soft tissue therapy includes the assessment, treatment, and management of soft tissue injury, pain, and dysfunction of the neuromusculoskeletal system.

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